Private Fostering

If you’re looking for a more permanent homestay in England for your child, then it’s really important that you consider private fostering.

Private fostering is used to describe a situation where a child under 16 is cared for by an adult who isn’t a relative for 28 days or more. This is a private arrangement usually made between the birth parent and the carer.

What’s our role?

  • To make sure our carers are trustworthy, everyone in the household aged 16 and over has a valid DBS
  • Fully Enhanced certificate.
  • We support both parents and carers to ensure that the child’s physical, emotional, educational, and cultural needs are met
  • We’ll help parents and carers consider finance, consents, and contact needs.
  • We’ll contact the child and carers regularly, providing advice and support where needed.
  • We’ll be a listening ear for the child, parents, and carers for any concerns or difficulties that may arise.

Exeter Homestay UK are experienced in processing all the documents required for the procedure, and our staff offer informed guidelines to the student, parents, agents, school/college and homestay family.