What Can We Offer?

EHUK has over 10 years of experience in the industry of Overseas students, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality educational programme, homestay and accommodation for any UK & Overseas student/guest travelling to Exeter. 
We can also help with placements in a homestay during students/guest who could be studying at Exeter College
Exeter University or even an Internship



Please see below list of services and what we can offer for you

Junior Summer School (12-18)

EHUK offer a small unique Junior summer school in the heart of Exeter held at Exeter University Campus

Course start date: 23rd June onwards

(**we can do a specialised group on any date required)

Locations:  Exeter , Newton Abbot, Torquay or **Stratford upon Avon** summer school only




Mini Stay Groups (3-5 nights) Cultural/Educational

EHUK offer a low season option for any groups travelling to Devon for a Educational mini stay

We can offer activities and guided tours from our professional guides

Locations offered:  Exeter & Newton Abbot




Host Family accommodation for Half Terms

EHUK can help with a host family during any half term holiday in Exeter, Newton or Torquay.

We can meet you upon arrival and introduce you to your host.

Half term host fee from £40 per night Full Board.

Educational College/6th Form Students (16-18)

EHUK can help you to achieve students entering an international class in Exeter College to achieve good academic results and to help enhance their studies. Other Colleges & schools are now working closely with us to offer placements in their 6th Forms too.

The UK Integration Programme offers the perfect way to get a taste of being a student and living in the UK and is especially useful as a "taster" for anyone considering spending more time in education here. Students spend 3 to 9 months staying with a host family and attending a local school or college, then you can return home with improved English language skills, increased self-confidence, british values and culture and are better equipped to make informed decisions about your future.


EHUK students will join an English Programme in school/college and will also integrate into English lessons, this gives the students an opportunity to study English as a Foreign Language and also a choice of academic or vocational subjects. It's an ideal way to improve the students English whilst also getting the chance to learn alongside British students. We can tailor any weekend activity programme to complete this experience of British culture and lifestyle


  • Host family accommodation with Half/full board
  • Travel pass between host family home and school if required
  • All lessons/materials for the duration of the course
  • Activity and cultural programme (supplement of £50/week, dependant on group size)
  • Local co-ordinator assistance throughout stay
  • Pre-arrival information and assistance
  • 24/7 emergency contact number



Private School in Devon - Day pupil

We are recognising that some students wish to enter into a Private school as a day pupil option.

EHUK are working closely with parents, schools and pupils for this option to be available.

Your child will attend a private school of your/their choice, but EHUK will supply you with a suitable host family and we will supply a package for your child's needs during their duration

Accommodation for Adult 18+ 

EHUK can offer and help you find a host family for your accommodation needs during your studies, training or internship in and around Exeter, Newton Abbot & Torquay. We will help you find the correct host family which suits you during your stay, we offer accommodation in one of our carefully selected and verified host families close to your required location.

What we offer:

  • Room only
  • Room with breakfast & dinner



Immersion Programme with a Host Family

EHUK can offer an Immersion programme with one of our host families (students will live with a selected host family 24/7 and be part of an English family during their whole stay)


1:1 Tutor with Homestay-Activities

EHUK can offer a host with a teaching qualification whom can teach lessons each day during their stay at home, this will include 2 activities in the afternoon per weeks during their stay.

To provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

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