What Can We Offer?

EHUK has over 10+ years of knowledge & experience in the industry of Overseas students, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality travel educational programme, family homestays for Individuals or groups travelling to Exeter, Newton Abbot or Torquay for educational purposes. 
We can also help with placements into a family homestay during your studying at Exeter College, Language schools in Exeter, (INTO) Exeter University or integrate into one of our local british schools we will be working with individually or within a group and much much more.

New for 2020-21: We will be partnering with Exeter,s leading health & well being charity, Exeter City Community Trust who work in partnership with Exeter City Football Club to help deliver more inspiring physical activity, education, health and well being programmes primarily across Devon & Somerset for all members of the community regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, physical ability, ackground or economic status.



Please see below list of services and what we can offer for you

NEW for 2020 - 2021 - High School Integration in Exeter (Experience England)

Experience England is our new programme we are now promoting from March 2020 onward.

Exeter Homestay are pleased to say with our newly formed partnership with Exeter City Community Trust this has enabled us to achieve this programme by joining together as a team bringing an all round reasonably priced integration programme with a Homestay integration, but we ar able to achieve this by working with a not for profit charity, we are able to keep the budget down and therefore put something back into our local Community. The schools whom we will be working with, we will be able to deliver programmes for in the area they require most and aren't able to fund. EHUK will fund these programmes into the schools and ECCT will deliver the programmes for us. Some of the programmes offered will be ambitions, inspiriation, anxiety, mental health and wellbing and much much more.

About Exeter CITY Community Trust
We are Exeter's leading health & well being charity, working in partnership with Exeter City Football Club. We deliver inspiring physical activity, education, health and well being programmes and courses primarily across Devon and Somerset for all members of the community regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, physical ability, background or economic status.

Spending 22,000 hours out in the community every year striving to improve life chances for all, often in the most deprived areas of Greater Exeter and among the most disadvantaged groups in our society.

While football is our beating heart, our work in the community has grown to extend far beyond. Our health, education, well being and physical activity programmes reach over 45,000 members of our community each year and around 48% of those programmes are not football.


You can learn more from our Brochure

EHUK Experience England 2021
You can learn more about Exeter City Community Trust here

Exeter City Community Trust
You can learn more about Exeter City CT Experience England Programme here

Exeter City Community Trust Experience England
Mini Stay Groups (3-7 nights) Cultural/Educational

EHUK offer a low season option for any groups travelling to Exeter, Devon for an Educational Travel mini stay

We can offer activities and guided tours from our professional guides in addition; lessons OR
just your accommodation in our professionsal homestays during your visit

Locations offered:  Exeter & Newton Abbot




Junior Summer School (12-17) @ Exeter University

EHUK has offered a small unique Junior summer school for several years in the heart of Exeter, at present our summer school is held on Exeter University Campus.

Our Course start dates vary each year from: 20th June onwards and can run for 3 weeks. We can take a student alone in the group for 1 or even 2 weeks if this is of preference.

(**A specialised group and programme can be achieved on any date required upon request)

Locations offered:

Exeter , Newton Abbot or (**Stratford upon Avon** summer school only)




Can we help? with homestay for your programme or group?

Can we help you?

It has become increasingly popular for the homestay option in the last year for Exeter HOmestay UK to work with other companies, businesses, schools or agents offering us as a homestay option for their overseas group either on their own programme or course.  The benefits for you is that it will save you time and having to worry about finding the accommodation for your programme offered.

EHUK is now a member of English UK working towards British council and accreditation for 2020-21

Our rates are very reasonable for you to cost us in your programme which you are offering you customers, groups or clients.

Please contact us to explore us what we can offer your groups during your programme.

Homestay for Language Students Adult 18+ 

EHUK can offer a safe and profressional homestay to you and also help you find a homestay for your accommodation needs during your academic studies, training or studying in a local Language school in and around Exeter, Newton Abbot & Torquay. We can help you find the most suitable homestay which suits your requirements during your stay:

What we offer:

  • Room only - Self Catering
  • Room with breakfast - Half Board option & dinner



Host Families for Boarding students in Half Terms or Guardianships

EHUK can help with a homestay during any half term holidays in Exeter, Newton Abbot or Torquay area. This is usually a service offered for Boarding School or Guardianship school children during their holidays or half terms.

We can meet the student upon arrival, transport and introduce them or you as an agent to their homestay.

Our Half term host fee ranges from £40 per night Full Board during the half term holidays.

Educational College/6th Form Students (16-18)

EHUK can help you to achieve students entering an international class in Exeter College to achieve good academic results and to help enhance their studies. Other Colleges & schools are now working closely with us to offer placements in their 6th Forms too.


  • Host family accommodation with Half/full board
  • Travel pass between host family home and school if required
  • All lessons/materials for the duration of the course
  • Activity and cultural programme (supplement of £50/week, dependant on group size)
  • Local co-ordinator assistance throughout stay
  • Pre-arrival information and assistance
  • 24/7 emergency contact number



Private School in Devon - Day pupil

We are recognising that some students wish to enter into a Private school as a day pupil option.

EHUK are working closely with parents, schools and pupils for this option to be available.

Your child will attend a private school of your/their choice, but EHUK will supply you with a suitable host family and we will supply a package for your child's needs during their duration


To provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

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