Becoming a host family couldn’t be easier! (updated 04.06.2020)

Stay Alert – Stay Safe! HANDS-FACE-SPACE

Step 1: Fill in our online application form and you will receive our automated response, please read all the documents attached to the email and watch our safeguarding video online to initiate the process, this also includes our new COVID19 Agreement for our host

Step 2: Upload, email or prepare a copy for us for when we visit: All ID requirements (Passport or Driving licence), a Gas Safety or Direct Heating certificate, a current utility bill for your ID verification and also we require a fully enhanced DBS Certificate, (we can of course help you with this if you haven’t already got the correct certificate)

Step 3: We will arrange a Host Family visit with one of our Team, whom upon the visit will go through:

  1. Our Homestay checklist
  2. Take pictures of the family, room and some areas of the homes
  3. Verify copies of all ID (these are kept confidential to us only)
  4. Check the risk assessment online has been gilled in and check in the home (please read our fire safety advice and complete the Fire Risk Assessment form) upon application (online) or before our visit
  5. COVID19 questionaire (please fill in this upon application)
  6. Watch Safeguarding video

A member of the team will contact you shortly after receiving your application online by email or phone to arrange a convenient time to visit youa and your family at your home.

IMPORTANT:  It is in imperetive that you read and fully understand all of our host family guidelines, host family agreement and our COVID19 Agreement before becoming a host family. These will guide you on what is expected from you (the host family) and what our students would expect too during their stay.

Step 4: Once all of our initial checks are satisfied and verified, you will become a fully registered host family for Exeter Homestay UK

Step 5: Finally the final step of the process, we will begin offering you placements when they become suitable to your family. During the COVID19 situation we are asking families if they prefer the student to self isolate or if they are happy for the student to self isolate in their room in the host, this is your decision.

IMPORTANT: We do also ask you to take 10 minutes to watch our Child Protection Training Video as a standard of one of our procedures of becoming a host and upon our visit you will sign to ensure that you have understand your “Duty of Care”.

** If you are interested in our Private Fostering option, which will consist of 27 day+ stays, we will arrange further visits for a discussion of the process, but you are able to get the process started by filling in the PF1 form on the private fostering tab on the home page.

ON PROCESS OF BECOMING A HOST: Exeter Homestay UK require you to add students on to your home and car insurance for our “the duty of care” so that you will be covered in your home for damages or fire.

We are now partnering with an Insurance Company whom has a bespoke Guardianship Insurance for all future host families whom are taking our students for more than 27+ days, whereas we advise you to take this cover; if your current insurer is willing to add this as an additional option to your current insurance, we are happy for this too, but must receive a copy.

Host Family Application Form

    All applicants details are confidential to EHUK.

    * Please Specify whether Attic Room,
      En-suite, Shared or Private Bathroom

    Will you accommodate the following? (please tick)
      Special Diets
      Mini Stays (12-16 yrs)
      Summer School (12-16 yrs)
      Adult Leaders & Drivers (18+)
      Exeter College (16-18 yrs)-UK part time
      Private Fostering (Under 16)
      Disabled (access on ground floor level)
      Short Term Hosting (students & guests aged 18+)

    Additional information required,
    please complete form PF1 you will get with your welcome email.

    We suggest using Lodger Agreement for 18+ guests -
    a template is attached to your welcome email.

    Safeguarding Checks (please upload)

      Home Member 1

      Home Member 1
    H&S Requirements:
    Gas Safety
      I confirm that I have a valid gas safety certificate (please upload)


      I Understand it is my responsibility to advise all relevant insurance providers* of being a host family and the number of students being hosted
    (* e.g. Home Insurance, Content Insurance, Car Insurance etc.)
    Have you been convicted of a criminal offence other than a traffic violation?
      Home Member 1

    If available Please attach Valid DBS Certificate(s), Gas Safety Certificate, pictures of room, kitchen, bathroom, host and copies of completed forms to speed up the process.


    I agree
    I agree


    Please read our Fire Safety advice and complete the
    Fire Safety Risk Assessment Form that can be found here:



    EHUK do several types of stays for Overseas students - juniors & Adults.

    We are always looking for good host whom can provide a room as a homestay for one of our students, this can be one of the most rewarding things a host can offer. Our experience has taught us that the key to a successful hosting experience is an understanding and mutual respect between host and student.

    We are expected to provide the best possible homestay expereience for our students during their stay, which we know, can only be achieved with the support of our host families. The students are choosing to live in a homestay as an option as this will give them a warm welcome, home comforts and the opportunity to practive their English with British families, also not to forget giving their parents piece of mind that their children are being looked after and cared for during their stay.

    What is the benefits of hosting:
    • The chance to meet students from all over the world and make new friends
    • Experience different cultures
    • Earn extra income (tax free guidelines inline with HMRC)
    • Prompt payment before departure
    • Keeping in touch with many new friends
    • Sharing your culture and experiences with others
    • Supporting UK & Overseas students during their stay in the UK
    Child Protection Training Video - Please watch

    So why the big deal? Why do you need to know this?

    Well working directly with children means it's your duty to care and you have a big role to play in helping to protect children. Let's face it, no one wants to hear about this or let alone have to deal with it, but the reality is you might have to!

    To be aware of the issues and warning signs, please watch an engaging, digital training video which will provide all the information needed to ensure you can do the very best to help protect and care for the children you work with.

    This short, to-the-point film is perfect for making everybody aware of their statutory and moral obligation to help protect the children they work with and gives all the information you need from what types of abuse there are, what signs to look out for.

    This video has been approved by the LSCB (Local Safeguarding Children's Board).



    Important- Host family Documents and Policies
    Refer a friend and earn a referral fee

    EHUK offers a £20 referral fee to anyone who recommends a new family to us.

    The fee will be paid upon on completion of the new host 2nd student stay with us as a host.

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