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FAQs for Homestay Guests

A homestay with a host family is what EHUK specialize in, we arrange for you to live in a homestay during your academic or language studies.

This option is becoming increasingly more popular and of course also a more affordable option accommodation for all ages.

EHUK will match you with the most suitable host for your needs.

All of our house rules and homestay guidelines & contract can be found online.

EHUK is a homestay provider with a large portfoilio of local host families which are our homestays, whom love to host overseas and internation students during their visit for language or experience.  EHUK act as an agent.

Firstly fill in our online booking form, pay your booking fee and we will find you the most suitable family/host/room to your request. We will confirma a booking and the host details once the booking is confirmed.

Do we charge an administration fee? 

Yes. Our Administration fee for arranging your homestay can be £100, £125 or £150 dependant on the stay. This is payable upon booking without this payment the booking will not proceed as each booking and student needs to adhere to our terms and conditions.

EHUK are only involved for 6 weeks initially upon booking dependant on which type of stay it is, we then ask for the first 8 weeks accommodation monies before arrival to secure your place.

If your stay goes beyond 8 weeks we can then discuss the best way forward with you (over 18 only).

Our 16 – 18 Homestay option works by:

1. If you are a UK parent we will initially meet you in person or skype where possible, chat about your needs and what you are expecting from the stay for your child. 

During your/their stay we will act as a loco parent with your authority.

A one off administration fee is payable upon booking a homestay and securing a placement for £100

EHUK will enter into a private fostering arrangement if you have a junior under 16 and staying longer than 28 days.

This can be up to a 8 week process prior to you receiving a junior on this option – please refer to our private fostering page.

18+ a passport, letter of study & Visa where appropriate

18+ a signed contract, stating you have no pending convictions in your country oforigin

18-     A parental booking form with consent & a meeting

All homestays offer:

  • A comfortable room
  • Washing facilities
  • Wifi
  • Heating
  • All Utilities
  • Inventory of Room
  • Lodger Agreement for longer stays

Either EHUK will collect you or the host family themselves, all pick up times are after 5pm on arrival up to 10pm.

On booking you will be with EHUK for 8 weeks or under which is payable before arrival and non refundable.  

If an emergency does happen within this period we will of course put you in another homestay.

All contracts states notice and cancellation periods.

Homestay gives you a more welcomed stay during your time here, the advantages are you will also :

  • Experience England
  • Practice your English
  • Learn British culture
  • Being part of the family at meal times
  • Easy travel distance to school
  • Warm and comfortable room/home
  • Home to Home feeling


Parents for juniors will be more relaxed their junior is being looked after

Please send us a message at
Tel: 01392 581509
WhatsApp: 07513871084
or alternatively get in touch via the Contact Us form

FAQs for Host Families

As a host you will need to provide the student with:

  • Furnished bedroom
    • Desk
    • Bed
    • Light or lamp
    • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Adequate heating
  • Use of Wifi
  • Use of Laundry
  • Collection on arrival and departure
  • Meals provided Half Board (breakfast and evening meal)
  • Full board on mini stays
  • Self catering basis on 18+ (this option they will need to use your kitchen).


Your role as a host family will depend on the type of student you are allocated, but in general we ask you to look after our students as you would your own children, talk to them, eat with them, and ask if they are ok, happy and have spoken to their parents etc..

For more information please refer to our guidelines.

We mainly deal within the EU, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

All of our student ages range from 12-17, & 18+ whom are going to a local language school, educational visit or experience the British culture, but we also have Adult leaders, drivers on our mini stays too

Almost all students will have some level of English, but their proficiency will vary.  Remember, their goal to visit is to improve & experience their english throughout their homestay, to learn our british culture and to have conversational english with you and your family.

Students are expected to respect the family they are staying with in their home and also abide by your house rules.  It is a good idea to communicate any of your home rules on day of arrival so that their is no communication issues going forward. 

Guidance for some of the house rules are:

Advise them they need to be quiet after 9.30pm for your household to settle for the evening
To shower in the evenings to avoid being late in the morning
To eat with you at meal times, but of course we do eat in the UK earlier than most, so just sit and have a coffee whilst they eat.
To cook at a reasonable time is self catering before 9pm
To respect that your family will be asleep or in bed after 10pm
Most students are NOT allowed out, unless we advise differently.
Not to call after 9.30pm on Skype or the phone
Not to tease the house pets
Not to shower after 9.30pm
And to enjoy and feel confortable during their stay

Once you have completed our online application form and verification process, you will receive an email with a welcome letter, please read through it all, and we will contact you to arrange a visit.  Once a visit has been arranged, we will ask for all your ID documentation required and all ensure we see all of your family, on our visit we will ask you what hosting you would like to do, and what student suits your home and lifestyle, then depending on our demand and suitability we will start to place students with you.

Yes, you may host up to four students per home. Our mini stays do like to stay in 2,s 3,s or 4.
Some families like to host more than one student, as it gives the students a companion.  It also gives your family the chance to learn more about another culture. 

On some of our stays/courses a single placement is required though, but we also do get requests for no other students of the same mother tongue to be in the home at the same time, so if you only have a single rooma available then this could be used for these type of students.

We understand some hosts can take from other schools, but please be careful as we never know when a student books.

Help is only a phone call away – (group leaders of the groups/individual or EHUK staff available 24 hours 7 days a week.

As you will have agreed to our host contract, we ask you to not discuss any monies agreed with your students at any time.  This information is confidential and can make your student feel uncomfortable. We also need to advise that private hosting from a student we have introduced is not allowed, you must contact us immediately if their friends etc. ask for them to stay in your home.

All renumeration will be on the offer letter for the student. Our rates start at £19 per night up to £30 per night dependant on each stay or group.

An average monthly language student you will received between £560-£600 per month

Please check below in our food allergies section  suggestions and food intolerances that you may come across whilst hosting, hopefully the information provided should give you guidance for what you need to know.

But we just expect you to cook what you do for your family.

All payments are direct into your bank account on the evening before departure.

Our prices vary on each group:

Mini Stays From £19- £23 per night (dependant on area)
Summer School £20-£24 per night
Monthly Stays £560-£600 per month
Half term stays £28 per night

Our rates do vary for each group but on average you can earn from £140 a week +

Please treat our students as you would expect a family overseas to treat your children,.. For under 18’s the Duty of Care is much greater and this will be explained to you for each group for the younger students or on your arrival letter.

Please also read our: duty of care in our guidelines or on the policy page.

Host Families do need to have an appropriate home Insurance, we have now partnered with SJL to adhere with the current legislation of all homestay insurance if you are taking students regularly. Please check if your current insurance cover’s student’s damages, fire and belongings, if not you will need to add this to your policy. Please don,t leave anything valuable lying around for your safety and please do have locks on your personal bedroom door if you have valuables.

Car Insuranc: as you are responsible for transporting our students around occasionaly, please ask your insurers if your normal car Insurance covers this too! This is not EHUk responsibility.

Please remember if a fire is caused from an 18+ student for instance, you will not be insured for replacement on your building content if you have not told them you have student guest.

Exeter Homestay UK will give you all the support necessary, we have a dedicated staff for each area, whom are always there to help you. 

Our office hours are 10-6.00pm, but we do have a 24 hour contact number which will always be answered for any emergency. 

Our Welfare Officer is available 24/7.

Students either walk, bus, train or you must drop them to the location required, this is dependent of the group you are having, we will always inform you at the time of an allocation which is required.

Mini Stays – Always dropped and picked up daily

Summer School Spanish – Always dropped and picked up, but we do liaise with families to pair up

Summer School Italians – Bus pass issued after Day 1

Adults 18+ – Make their own transport arrangements.

Please take a look at the following links to help you prepare special diets, sometimes we do have students whom require their meals cooked in special way and or with specific ingredients. To help you we have prepared some meal suggestions to get you started.      

*What is Halal and how can i include it in our regular diet?

Overall, cooking Halal is usually less trouble than it sounds, especially if you live in a city where Halal butchers are.  Halal is a process through which meat is butchered and treated, like Kosher.  It is the same to prepare Halal dishes distinct from the other.  However when a student is idetified as a Halal eater, it is worth having a conversation about it.  You must avoid PORK and alcohol.

FAQs for Parents

As a parent we all want our children to be supervised and in a safe environment whilst studying away from their home. We specialise in this option for you.

What We Offer:

  • Host family whom is supportive and caring
    DBS & Verified ID checks on all host families
  • Check in’s with your child during their stay
  • An option for a 4 night stay Mon – Thursday
  • First initial meet with us and the host to ensure we get a good match.

Your child will be living with one of our very experienced hosts, as a parent, you will know that your child is being cared for.

This kind of stay is becoming more and more popular with overseas students whilst studying in the UK, and of course a more affordable option. We will endeavour to match your child with the most suitable host family for their needs and requirements.

FAQs for Agents

You can:

Email to: or

Call us: 01392 314541 or 07513871084


Get in touch via our Contact Form